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1. This regulation is an attachment for “Marmara University Faculty of Engineering Internship Regulation" which is dated on March 6, 2012 and for the students of Computer Engineering Department.

2. The duration and the periods of the Internship

a- Students are required to do an internship for at least 60 business days(12 weeks) during their undergraduate training program.

b- The duration of the internship can be divided into several periods, each of which is required to be at least 10 business days and up to maximum 30 business days.

c- Students can do their internships after the 4th semester.

d- Internships cannot be done on public holidays. A week is considered to be 5 business days. In establishments work on Saturdays as workday, Saturday is also considered to be the business day.

e- Internships can be done during summer vacations and semester breaks (if semester break contains 10 business-days period). Doing an internship during the outside of the summer and semester breaks for valid reasons depends on the decision of the Internship Committee.

f- According to the Regulation of Marmara University Summer School; internship can be done at least 3 working days per week, on the situations like summer school.

3. The Place and Application of Internship

a- The responsibility of finding the place of the internship belongs to the students.

b- Before starting the internship students must obtain the written approval of the Internship Committee. Internships started without the approval of the Internship Committee are not valid.

c- Students can do internships in foreign countries other than Turkey.

d- Students can do internships in other higher education institutions when conditions are appropriate and having the permission of the Chairman of the department. However, the duration of internship to do so, does not exceed half the total training time.

4. A letter written by the department, is given to the student who will do an internship, in order to be forwarded to the relevant managers in the organization. This letter contains information about the aims and rules of the internship.

5. Before the end of the semester students whose date and place of the internship are certain, need to submit the Internship Acceptance Form to the Internship-Committee.

6. Documents Related to the Internship

a- Internship Application Form

b- Internship Evaluation Form

c- Internship Report

d- Social Security Form (The students who do not give this information, will assume that all the responsibility belongs to them.)

7. Internship Report is written in English. The report should be suitable to a draft that is published by the department and should be part of weeks in chronological order. 

8. At the end of the internship, students need to submit the Internship Evaluation Form (in a sealed envelope) and the Internship Report to the Internship-Committee.

9. Internship Report will be reviewed by Internship-Committee. If necessary, information about the student's internship content is analyzed. As a result, it may be decided as to be completely rejection of the internship or rewriting of the Internship Report.

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> Assoc. Prof.  Ali Fuat ALKAYA
> Res. Asst. Dr. Berna ALTINEL 



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