Why Marmara?


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When determining your prospective university, you can choose our department with a high confidence. I would like to briefly share with you the reasons for this.

Our department was founded in 1987 at Marmara University, which is one of the most established universities in Turkey. Our department admitted its first students in 1990, and gave the first graduates in 1994 with a total 1327 graduates up to July 2022. Since then, the department educates engineers who can respond to the needs of the academics and industrywith a total of 13 faculty members including 3 professors, 6 associate professors, 4 assistant professors each having international experience and being equipped with the state-of-the-art academic knowledge.  Our department, with its rich resources and established infrastructure, offerscomprehensive education programs at the undergraduate, master of science and doctorate levels, which are regularly updated to adapt to the rapid developments in today's information age.

All the programs in our department are exclusively in English, and hence our graduates have fluency in English. Our undergraduate program offers a wide range of elective courses that allow students to specialize in the areas they choose. Our successful students have the option of selecting a minor program in other areas of engineering in addition to their major program in computer engineering. Furthermore, the students can benefit from the Erasmus Student Exchange Program, which provides the opportunity to receive education at selected universities abroad free of charge. Within the Erasmus program, our students can continue their education in Europe for one or two semesters.

Our undergraduate program has been accredited by MÜDEK Engineering Education Programs Accreditation Board (EAB), during the evaluation period of 2013-2014. MÜDEK is an internationally recognized accreditation organization, which is a member of European Engineering Education Accreditation Network (ENAEE) and the Washington Accord, up to September 2024. Therefore, our MÜDEK accreditation is recognized by all member states ofthe European Union, United States (ABET), Canada, Japan and other countries in the world. Many of our graduates find jobs in various European countries andthe USA. You can find more information about our graduates' opinions from the “Alumni Views” link.

Thanks to our strong and up-to-date undergraduate education, our graduates are able to complete their graduate education without difficulty in respectable universities in Europe and USA. Some of our graduates work as academicians at universities in Turkey and abroad after completing their graduate education.

Our faculty members conduct scientific research and project workintensively and without interrupting their educational activities. Extensive research projects are being carried out by our faculty, which are supported by national (TÜBİTAK 1001 and Career Projects) and international (European Union 7th Framework-FP7) organizations. Also in 2020, 3 European Union Projects to be implemented by our faculty members have been accepted. Successful undergraduate students interested in doing research in different areas of computer engineering can participate in these projects during their junior and senior years.  Students can also conduct their internships within the scope of these projects during summer months.

One of the important stages in the undergraduate program are the "graduation project" courses taken in the senior year. In these CS497 / CSE498 courses, which are compulsory in the senior year and taken as a continuation of one another for two semesters, our students are able to apply their computer engineering knowledge to real life problems emerging from either academic or industrial domains. These projects, which are conducted in teams, significantly improve their teamwork skills that our students will need in their professional careers. Through graduation projects our students also improve their management and presentation skills by carrying out all the processes in a project such as determining the constraints, analysis, design, implementation, verification and documentation for the problems they are working on. Our students present their projects to academicians during the "Bachelor's Degree Graduation Project Poster Presentations" days, which areheld during the 13th week of the Spring semester. Best three projects are selected and awarded every year. This provides a sweet competition environment among our graduate candidates.

Our successful students also received prizes in various competitions with their graduation projects in the past years. For example, the project on an artificial intelligence program running in a virtual reality system and playing Turkish Checkers, conducted by our students Burak Kılıç, Ahmet Emre Alkan and Sami Engin Yiğiter in 2015, received the first prize in the TÜBİTAK Software Projects competition held in Turkey. In 2016, the door bell project, which works through a cloud computing system (in the context of Internet of Things, IoT), conducted by our student OrhanKutlu, made to the finals.  In May 2017, the first ranked projectbased on the evaluation of the department,is a social responsibility project, which aims to solve the information access problem of the visually impaired by crowd-based recording of audio books and by converting books to Braille lettersusing a Braille Pad Device designed specifically for this task.

In 2019 June, our students Betül Kabadayı, Şevvalnur Kahraman received the first prize in the TÜBİTAK Software Projects competition held in Istanbul and Özge Günay, Mert Haskan recieved second prize.

In the 2242 University Students Research Project Competition organized by TÜBİTAK in August 2021, our students İlker Fener, Abdullah Gülçür and Tolga Erbaş became the first in Turkey in the Information and Communication Technologies category with their "3D Restructuring Analysis and Application" project.


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 Would you like to join our graduates who have very strong professional background and find jobs easily in the private and public sectors in our country as well as abroad?

For more information about our department, please contact me or our department vice-head through our phone numbers or e-mail addresses.

Prof. Haluk Rahmi Topçuoğlu, Department Head
Marmara University, Computer Science and Engineering



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