Undergraduate Program

Marmara University Department of Computer Engineering was established in 1987. For the past 30 years, its strong academic staff with international experience provides high quality English language education and trains engineers, equipped with the most up to date information, who can generate knowledge and meet the needs of the industry and the academic life. The main objective of the undergraduate education in the department is to instill scientific and analytical thinking into our students and help them gain skills that will provide them the opportunity to understand the problems they encounter and design and implement appropriate solutions for these problems. In line with this purpose, the curriculum of the department is updated to adapt to the rapid changes in the information-age we live in. The basic engineering and mandatory department-specific courses students are required to take establish a solid professional foundation for the students. In addition, with the technical elective courses offered in senior year such as artificial intelligence, network programming, computer graphics, advanced system programming, machine learning, etc., students can develop their knowledge and skills in the areas they are interested in. On the other hand, with at least two non-technical elective courses in the curriculum, students can increase their knowledge and widen their horizons on the areas like social sciences, law, administration, finances, and have the opportunity to understand computer engineering solutions in a global and social context. Alongside with the technical and non-technical courses, the compulsory summer internships enables students to put what they learn into practice, learn to work in collaborative and multi-disciplinary environments, and develop communication skills.

Graduates of the department can build a career in all engineering and research/development areas related to information systems thanks to the extensive and varied education they received in the department. Computer graphics, super-computers, network systems, artificial intelligence systems, robotic applications are just a few of these areas. In addition, the successful graduates who want to pursue an academic career can be easily accepted for graduate studies to our department or to other universies, domestic or abroad, as they wish. The high standards of Computer Engineering Department at Marmara University assures them to be required engineers in any related area.

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