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General Information

The goal of the M.Sc. Program in Computer Engineering at Marmara University is to enrich and expand the  technical information of students in new and advanced areas via high-level courses and research/development facilities, to encourage the students to do research and  gain analysis, synthesis and interpretation capabilities by working on various scientific problems in different specialization areas. Since the M.Sc. program is exclusively in English, prospective students are expected to have fluency in English. The scientific admittance examination is also conducted in English.

The application requirements and student quotas are determined and announced each semester by the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences in compliance with the Marmara University Graduate Education and Examination Regulations. The applicants are assessed based on their “admission score”, which considers the ALES score, the cumulative GPA, English score, the scientific admission exam score, and an oral exam score. In addition to the application criteria of the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences, the department determines the minimum scores required for ALES and the cumulative GPA for application.

The M.Sc. program is designed for graduates of an undergraduate program in Computer Engineering. Graduates of similar engineering programs are required to attend the Scientific Preparation Program for a year to take a set of prerequisite courses, which generally consists of eight courses determined by the department, considering the programs the students have graduated. The M.Sc. students are expected to complete the Scientific Preparation Program within a year. Depending on the transcripts of the students, they may be required to take up to three extra courses.


Courses and the Masters’ Thesis

The M.Sc. program is designed for four semesters and required to be completed within six semesters, excluding the scientific preparation year. The program consists of seven courses, a seminar course, a thesis proposal and the thesis work. The seven courses are selected from the department’s pool of graduate courses. The registered students are expected to take at least two courses each semester. The students who have given their thesis proposals are required to register to the thesis work each semester. According to the Regulations of the Higher Education Council (dated April 20th , 2016), the maximum duration to complete the credit courses is four semesters. The students who have completed the credit courses but have a CGPA below 2,50 are required to repeat the courses to satisfy the required GPA. In order to take the seminar course, the students must successfully complete a minimum number of credit hours, determined by the department.

After completion of the courses and the publication requirements given below, the students graduate from the M.Sc. program by successfully defending their thesis prepared according to the regulations of the Institute of Pure and Applied Sciences and earn the M.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering.


Research Areas

The research areas focused on at M.Sc. level in the Department of Computer Engineering at Marmara University include parallel and distributed computing, multi-core computing, microprocessor design and embedded systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, image and video processing, computer vision, nature-inspired computing, machine learning, pattern recognition, natural language processing, bioinformatics, computer and wireless networks, vehicular networks, optimization and game theory. The theses can also be conducted under research projects lead by faculty members of the department and supported by various agencies such as TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey) and EU (European Union). As a result of the research and development activities conducted by M.Sc. students and their supervisors, technical journal and conference papers and patents are expected. Detailed information about possible research areas is available on the web pages of the faculty members.


Publication Requirements for Graduation

In order to graduate from the Masters’ Program the students must have published at least one national or international paper in a refereed journal or at least one national or international conference paper from their M.Sc. thesis.  

For more information about the application requirements and application dates to the M.Sc. Program please click here.


List of MS Thesis Completed

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