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Computers are utilized in a rich diversity of application areas in or lives. Computer engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design and development of information and computer systems. Rapid changing nature of the computer technology calls for engineers who are not only equipped with the fundamentals of the relevant field but also capable of continually updating their knowledge to adapt to and deal with the new challenges of the sector.

With the purpose to satisfy this need, the department of Computer Engineering was founded on July 27, 1987, along with the other departments of the Faculty of Engineering. The department accepted its first students in fall 1990 and graduated them in spring 1994. The language of education at our department is English since it was established. Graduate degrees are also offered at our department under the administration of the institute of natural sciences (M.S. program since 1993 and Ph.D. program since 2011).

In our department we seek to get our students to grasp complex systems and to equip them with the necessary knowledge base and ability to design and implement the most suitable solutions for improving the performance of such complex systems. As a result of the high educational and academic standards we keep up at our department, our graduates are able to get hired in prestigious companies of the relevant sector. Our graduates are also able to successfully pursue an academic program by applying to our department or the relevant departments in the respectable universities both in Turkey and abroad.

At the computer engineering department, besides the classes for natural sciences, common engineering classes and mandatory classes of the computer engineering branch, our students are offered elective technical and social classes from within a wide variety where they find an opportunity to shape themselves up in the direction of their choice regarding their talents and wishes. Our students who successfully finish the B.Sc. program graduate from our department with the title “Computer Engineer”.

Our graduates qualify to get hired in respected companies in Turkey as well as abroad. A diversity of branches they find employment opportunities includes but is not limited to software development, the telecommunication and the support provider sector, cyber-security and defense industry, banking and financing, research and development, technology consulting, auditing, state institutions and production and service sectors. Further a good number of our graduates pursue or have pursued graduate programs in prestigious universities in Turkey or U.S., Canada and European countries and continue with their professional lives. 

Academic staff of our department accomplishes scientific research as a main responsibility. Among the main research lines are parallel and distributed computing, multiprocessor computing, embedded systems, artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, intelligent signal processing, natural language processing, image and video processing, nature inspired computing, computer networks, wireless networks, vehicular networks, optimization, game theory and reinforcement learning. We have ongoing projects under the supervision or partnership of our faculty members financially supported by various institutions including Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council, European Union (an H2020 project) and Marmara University’s Scientific Research Projects support fund. Please take a look at our faculty members’ personal web pages for a detailed overview of these projects. 


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Contact address:

Department Head: Prof. Haluk Rahmi Topçuoğlu  
e-mail: haluk AT marmara.edu.tr

Marmara University
Faculty of Engineering, Computer Engineering Department
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Külliyesi
Aydınevler Mah. 34840 Maltepe/ İstanbul
Phone / Fax: (216)-777-3537

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