Seminars and Announcements


Date: 5.10.2018

Topic: "Sustainable Software Development"

Abstract: The concept of sustainability was discussed in the context of software engineering. After a general definition of sustainability, the most recent studies in the relevant literature were examined to define and use which concepts to define sustainability and a concrete definition of sustainability for software engineering. Afterwards, four dimensions of sustainability in software engineering were discussed, using three parameters for scope and context. Four dimensions are the size of the development process; the maintenance process, the system production and the system usage. These dimensions were examined taking into account the following three questions: 1) which system 2) which function 3) which time range. Details of the preparation of PSD and ADD documents were also given.

Speaker: Doç.Dr. Borahan Tümer


Date: 28.09.2018

Topic: “CSE4197 ve CSE4198 Bitirme Projesi Hazırlama Süreçleri, Bilimsel Etik”

Speakers: Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Müjdat Soytürk, Öğr. Gör. Birol Gençyılmaz

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