2021 Spring Farewell Meeting

This year, we held our farewell meeting with the 4th year students on Monday, July 2, 2021 between 19:00-20:00 as an online teleconference. In our meeting held over Zoom, faculty members told the students about their experiences in working life and made suggestions and wished them success in their future lives. In addition, among the CSE4198 graduation projects that we traditionally do every year, the top three projects were selected with the evaluation of the faculty members, plates were presented to the ranking groups in the virtual environment, and then delivered to the department chair to be given to our successful students.

We wish success to all our graduates in their future lives.

First Project
Project Name: "Autonomous UAV Landing on a Moving Vehicle"
Students: Elif Balcı, Can Berk Durmuş

Second Project
Project Name: "Artificial Bee Colony Based Techniques for Dynamic Multi-Objective Optimization Problems"
Students: Rıdvan Gülcü, Ali Berat Çetin

Third Project
Project Name: "rPPG Based Heart Rate Estimation Using Deep Learning"
Students: Esra Polat, Minel Saygısever, Nur Deniz Çaylı


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