Information Page for Students Transferring from Istanbul Şehir University

Commission / Advisors

Students from Şehir University were divided into 5 groups and a separate advisor was assigned to each group. You can easily access the name of your advisor from the BYS system. The contact information of your advisor is given below.

Your problems related to curriculum, orientation, system login, and registration are resolved with the help of your advisor. If necessary, it will be resolved by the commission formed by the advisors of the students coming from Şehir University and whose members are listed below.

Asst. Prof. Ömer Korçak (Chairman) -
Prof. Cigdem Eroğlu Erdem -
Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Ağaoğlu -
Asst. Prof. Fatma Corut Ergin -
Asst. Prof. Ali Haydar Özer -


Orientation Meeting

An orientation meeting was held attended by the department head and the advisors of the Şehir students (5 advisors listed above) that includes general information, contact information, BYS, registration process, grading, letter grades, course schedule, summer school, double major, internships and regulations on Monday, October 6 between 13:00-14:30. The entire presentation was made in English by the head of the department, and Turkish slides were used. Students had the opportunity to meet with their advisors.