25.05.2017 - Farewell Meeting and Award Ceremony

Farewell meeting was held with senior students at MB144 Conference room on Friday, May, 25 2016.  Faculty members have shared their experience about work life with students.Also best three projects were chosen by the vote of faculty members among CSE498 Graduation Projects, and the project owners were rewarded.


First Project

Project Name: “Bana Ses Ver”

Students: Selman Öztürk, Burak Aybar, Farid Yagubbaylı

Second Project

Project Name: “Using Hierarcies in reinforcement Learning Framework with Non-Stationary Environments”

Students: Ezdin Aslancı, Kutalmış Coşkun

Third Project

Project Name: “Controlling Robotic Arm with Image Processing”

Students: Çağrı Karahan, Çağlar Karahan, Ali Fetvacı



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