14.05.2018 - Farewell Meeting and Award Ceremony

Farewell meeting was held with senior students at MB244 room on Monday, May, 14 2018.  Faculty members have shared their experience about work life with students.Also best three projects were chosen by the vote of faculty members among CSE4198 Graduation projects, and the project owners were rewarded.


Best Project

Project Name: “Face-Fill System”

Students: Ufuk Gürbüz, Mustafa Yemural, Cafer Samet Güllüce

Second Best Project

Project Name: “Scanning Real World with ARKit and Application of Path Finding”

Students: Muhammed Musa Özey, Mevlana Ayas, Furkan Akan

Third Best Project

Project Name: “Deep Reinforcement Learning on Dataflow Architecture”

Students: Selen Parlar, Bilal Dinç


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