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Based on one’s numeracy and mathematical aptitude, computer engineering is a favored profession today with a large variety of application areas and it is a promising profession with its increasing importance as new areas emerge where computer involvement is inevitable to meet the needs for intelligent devices at every part of our new style of modern life. Considering we live in the information era the use of computerized devices is an ordinary need nowadays in many areas of our lives ranging from entertainment to health, from defense to communication or from individual services to civil or public services provided by the state. Highly developed countries owe their dominance to the advances they advances they accomplished in the computer and information technology. Without a doubt, the leading pioneers of this technology are the computer engineers. A natural result of this is the primary eligibility of computer engineering as a profession. Regarding the data of international statistical institutions, computer engineering is among the professions that receive the highest demand. In the future the demand for the computer engineers in the information sector is expected to increase.

Founded in 1987, the computer engineering department at Marmara University carries out its educational and academic activities with a team work constantly observing its high standards since longer than 30 years. With their international academic and professional experience, the academic staff of our department pursues in both undergraduate and graduate programs its educational policy to offer a complete professional education with the theoretical and practical aspects closely checking the scientific and technological advances in the relevant branches.

The primary purpose of the education offered at our department is to furnish our students, through encouraging and directing them to question everything scientifically and analytically, with the necessary and sufficient knowledge base and fundamental skills to get a hold of the complex problems and to design and implement the adequately efficient solutions for these problems. Further, thanks to the fact that the education is in English, our graduates can closely follow the rapid advances in the information technology. As a result of the extensive and up-to-date education offered in our department, they are able to pursue their career in any area related to the information technology. These areas include, but are not limited to computer graphics, autonomous and intelligent systems, networked systems, supercomputers, and robotics. Additionally, those successful graduates that would like to pursue an academic career can easily get accepted in the relevant departments of respectable universities both in Turkey and abroad. All our graduates with their strong educational background and gleaming success both in academic and industrial directions confirm the high quality of the computer engineering department at the Marmara University.

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